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Google Rolls Out Another Search Engine Algorithm Update

It can feel like a never ending battle sometimes. I update my website based on the changes to Google’s algorithm, only to find that more changes are coming up. Sometimes the changes arrive without any notice. Then I find that my site has gone down the ranking list, which means more work is required. Google Confirms Changes Another round of the story is ongoing, with Google confirming that a very recent update to their search engine algorithm went out in the middle of April. The company has not confirmed how websites would be impacted, but it is certain that some website will go up the rankings while others will go down. The problem for many site owners is that Google is very vague with their advice. While they admit their “few times a year” algorithm updates are going to impact site rankings, they never give specific advice on how to react. Their message is always the same: improve your website and you will go up the rankings. Adjusting to Algorithm Changes I have a lot of experience reacting to algorithm changes. It feels as though we are constantly tweaking our website and blogs to ensure they are being received favorably by Google’s search engines. But what are some steps that you can take if you are worried about your website? Reacting to the latest Google algorithm change will not be easy, but it can be done. Avoid Panic There is a tendency for site owners to panic when they hear about a Google algorithm change. There is no need to hit the panic button. I feel like it is important to repeat myself: do NOT panic! See how your site is performing this week before you make any big changes. Understand how your traffic is being impacted. If you are

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